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Oct 12

Correcting 1st prova of F329

Spending a lot of time, correcting the first test of F329. This made me think about, what and how we teach stuff. Which leads - in my case - unavoidably to think of a Terry Pratchett quote from the discworld cycle. "... therefore education at the (Unseen) University mostly worked by the age-old method of …

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Sep 15

Last images of Cassini

Today Friday, NASA let the probe Cassini enter into the atmosphere of Saturn, where it burned. The probe was delivering nice images and a lot of scientific data for 13 years.  Even so not nanotechnology, I always had a great interest in this kind of science as it teaches us a lot about the world, …

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Jun 29

Beware the impact factor

I just read an interesting interview in a German Online magazine with Noble prize winner Randy Schekman. He warns to out to much value into the impact factor of magazines like "Science" and "Nature" - indeed he claims, they not helping science to progress, but give rise to fashionable and not-solid research. I agree with him: …

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