Journal Club DFMC

Journal Club DFMC  -  2017


Time: Friday, 11:30 h

Place: seminar room DFMC


Date Speaker Title
10/03 Ricardo Strong peak in Tc of Sr2RuO4 under uniaxial pressure
17/03 Cancel  
24/03 Eduardo Quasiparticle Approach to Molecules Interacting with Quantum Solvents
31/03 Alex Observation of the Wigner-Huntington transition to metallic hydrogen
07/04 Marcus B. Single-Temperature Quantum Engine Without Feedback Control
14/04 holiday  
21/04 holiday  
28/04 Cancel  
05/05 Rafael A general derivation and quantification of the third law of thermodynamics
12/05 Anderson Anomalously low electronic thermal conductivity in metallic vanadium dioxide
19/05 Lisan Negative-Mass Hydrodynamics in a Spin-Orbit–Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensate
26/05 Marcus A. Hamiltonian for the Zeros of the Riemann Zeta Function
02/06 Marcelo Toward a Quantum Theory of Humor
09/06 Amir Phase Shift in an Atom Interferometer due to Spacetime Curvature across its Wave Function
16/06 holiday  
23/06 Gustavo Observation of a discrete time crystal
30/06 Cancel  
04/08 Vanuildo Neutron scattering in the proximate quantum spin liquid α-RuCl3
11/08 Ricardo Discovery of orbital-selective Cooper pairing in FeSe
18/08 Alberto Streaming from the Equator of a Drop in an External Electric Field
25/08 Chico Coupling the Leidenfrost effect and elastic deformations to power sustained bouncing
01/09 Gustavo Chiral Majorana fermion modes in a quantum anomalous Hall insulator–superconductor structure
08/09 holiday  
15/09 Marcus B. Improved Noninterferometric Test of Collapse Models Using Ultracold Cantilevers
22/09 Lisan Solving the Quantum Many-Body Problem via Correlations Measured with a Momentum Microscope
29/09 Carlene Majorana fermions in the Kitaev quantum spin system α-RuCl3
06/10 Luiz Felipe Machine learning phases of matter
13/10 holiday  
20/10 Cancel  
27/10 Brum  
03/11 holiday  
10/11 Alex  
17/11 Eduardo  
24/11 Maurice  


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