Arlene Cristina Aguilar - University of Campinas, São Paulo - Brazil

Title: Ghost and gluon propagators in covariant gauges


Adnan Bashir  - Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Mexico

Title:  Illuminating a pion through photons


Daniele Binosi - ECT* - Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy

Title: From continuum QCD to hadron phenomenology


Fábio Braghin  - Federal University of Goiás, GO, Brazil

Title: Effective pion-quark couplings from large Nc polarization effects


Stanley J. Brodsky - SLAC - Stanford University - USA

Title: Light-Front Holographic QCD, Color Confinement, and Supersymmetric Features of QCD


Ian Clöet - Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Title: Images of Dynamical Chiral Symmetry Breaking


Attilio Cucchieri - USP, Brazil

Title: Evidence of BRST-Symmetry Breaking in Lattice Minimal Landau Gauge


David Dudal  - University of Leuven, Belgium

Title: Perspectives on the BRST symmetry and Gribov region in the Landau gauge


Bruno El-Bennich (LFTC - University of Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil)

Title:  Towards a consistent nonperturbative quark-gluon vertex from QCD symmetries


Jeff Greensite - San Francisco State University, USA

Title: Constituent gluons in static quark systems


Marcelo Guimarães - UERJ, Brazil

Title: Physics within the Gribov horizon: applications of the (R)GZ theory


Bob Holdom - University of Toronto, Canada

Title: The Gribov tapestry


Markus Q. Huber -University of Graz - Austria

Title: Gluons and ghosts at (non-)vanishing temperatures


Thomas Klähn - Wroclaw University, Poland

Title: Dense matter in QCD. Effective models and their motivation from a Dyson-Schwinger perspective


Gastão Krein - IFT - São Paulo State University, Brazil

Title: Born-Oppenheimer effective field theory for QED and QCD molecules 


Benoît Loiseau - LPNHE, Jussieu, Paris, France

Title: Hadronic three-body heavy-meson decays in QCD factorization and CP violation


Biagio Lucini - Swansea University, UK

Title: A finite-volume local formulation of QCD coupled to QED


Emerson G. S. Luna -  UFRGS, Brazil

Title: Exclusive production of pions and the pion distribution amplitude


Fátima Machado - University of Pittsburgh, USA

Title: Nonperturbative correlation functions in Rξ gauges through gluon self-energy effects


Tereza Mendes  - USP, São Paulo, Brazil

Title: Lattice Studies of QCD Green's Functions beyond the Gribov Horizon


Mario Mitter - Heidelberg University - Germany

Title: Chiral symmetry breaking in continuum QCD


Adriano A. Natale - IFT - São Paulo State University, Brazil

Title: Re+ e- and the infrared value of the QCD coupling constant


Orlando Oliveira - Coimbra University, Portugal

Title: On the lattice Landau gauge Quark Propagator


Luis E Oxman - UFF, RJ, Brazil

Title:Confining gluon states: (classical) topological solutions and (quantum) underlying ensembles


Letícia Palhares, UERJ, Brazil

Title: The Faddeev-Popov operator and a scenario for matter confinement


Owe Philipsen- University of Frankfurt, Germany

Title: Nuclear matter from a 3d effective lattice theory


Hugo Reinhardt - University of Tuebingen, Germany

Title:  Hamiltonian Approach to QCD in Coulomb gauge - from the vacuum to finite temperatures


Craig D. Roberts - Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Title: Dynamical Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Borromean Bound-States


Silvio P. Sorella - UERJ - Brazil

Title: Gribov horizon, BRST symmetry and non-perturbative formulation of linear covariant and maximal Abelian gauges.


Adam Szczepaniak - University of Indiana, USA

Title: Hadron spectroscopy, challenges and opportunities


Anthony Thomas - University of Adelaide, Australia

Title: The fundamental degrees of freedom for the strong force are quarks and gluons. No


Matthieu  Tissier - LPTMC - Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France

Title: Deconfinement transition from perturbation theory




Jeyner Castro Cardona - Unicamp, SP, Brazil

Title:Unquenching the gap equation


Antônio Maurício S. N. Ferreira  - Unicamp, SP, Brazil

Title: The universal auxiliary function of QCD


Clara Teixeira Figueredo - Unicamp, SP, Brazil

Title: Effects of divergent ghost loops in the presence of dynamical quarks


John D. Gomez,  UFABC, SP - Brazil

Title: SM vacuum stability with an IR frozen QCD coupling constant


Igor Figueiredo Justo - UERJ, RJ, Brazil

Title: (De)confinement phase transition: the mutual influence between Polyakov loop and Gribov Horizon


Gabriel da Costa Santos Rosa - UFF, RJ - Brazil

Title: BRST symmetry and the role of gauge field  topological sectors


Willian Matioli Serenone - USP - São Carlos, SP, Brazil

Title: Heavy-Quarkonium Potential from Lattice Gluon Propagator


Fernando Serna - IFT-Unesp

Title: Symmetry-preserving contact interaction model for heavy-light mesons



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