Frequently Asked Questions

When is the due date for Registration?

May 10th 2016

When is the due date for Abstract Application?

Also on May 10th 2016.

How many abstracts can I send?

We expect that you send your best work, therefore we are looking for a single abstract per student

When is the due date for sending the Recommendation Letters? How many letters do I have to send?

May 10th. At least one, but you can send a couple more, if you want

Are there specifics criteria for acceptation of students? Which are they?

We will receive 100 students in total, therefore the acceptance will be based on the student record, abstract and recommendation letters. Students will be ranked within their piers, for example, undergrad student records will be only compared with other undergrads.

When is the due date for receiving an acceptance email?

May 15th

Is there any possibility to ask for a waiver for the application fee? How can I do this?

Once you have been accepted you reply the acceptance email explaining the reasons for the waiver application. Since the school will cover flight tickets and lodging for every accepted student we will have only a finite number of waiver available.

Is there the possibility of being selected without financial support?

Yes, in special cases we could accept students without financial support from the school.

Once accepted, how many short courses will I be able to attend?

All students will attend the same theoretical lectures and will have the opportunity to subscribe for a hands-on experimental course during the school 

When the program will be published at the website?

Yes, we expect to have the final school program by the end of April.



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