To tackle the specific goals of the Research Grant (Auxílio Regular de Pesquisa Especial # 2020/01609-2) by IFGW/Unicamp ICRADA Phase 1, the Unicamp team organized themselves into four working groups managed by Prof. Dr. Pascoal Pagliuso, the Professor/Researcher responsible for the Research Grant (Auxílio Regular de Pesquisa Especial # 2020/01609-2) by IFGW/Unicamp. The planned activities for each working group are described below:

Working Group (WG) # 1: Responsible for performing calculations, simulations and project conceptual design of the Fluid-dynamic LAr circulation containing two pumps systems; Proposing, testing and validating the temperature monitoring of purification systems. WG I is composed by Prof. Dr. Thiago Alegre, Physicist IFGW/Unicamp, Prof. Dr. Gustavo Wiederhecker, Physicist, IFGW/Unicamp, Prof. Dr Dirceu Noriler, Chemical Engineer – FEQ/Unicamp Prof. Dr. Renato Soccol Junior, Chemical Engineer – FEQ/Unicamp and MSc. Pedro Bianchi Neto, Chemical Engineer – FEQ/Unicamp.

Working Group (WG) # 2: Responsible for synthesizing, characterizing and producing (or purchasing) candidate materials to be used as a purification media; Proposing, testing and validating the media to be used in the purification systems. WG II is composed by Profa. Cris Adriano, Physicist (IFGW – Unicamp) Prof. Dr. José Mansur Assaf, Chemical Engineer (UFSCar), Prof. Dr. Dilson Cardoso, Chemist (UFSCar), Prof. Dr. Elisabete Assaf, Chemical Engineer (IQ-USP-SC), Prof. Dr. Cristhiane Reis, Industrial Chemist (UFSJ), Dr. Ivana Cruz, Chemical Engineer (UFSCar) and Dr. Rosemberg Chemical Engineer Gonçalves (UFSCar).

Working Group (WG) # 3: Responsible for design and testing of the LAr and GAr purification and regeneration systems; Production and test of small-scale prototypes; Conduction simulations and extrapolation of results and conceptual design for the real-size systems and for the underground.  WG III is composed by Krystal Brant (CBPF), Mechanical Engineer, Dr. Magda Fontes, Physicis (CBPF), Prof. Dr. Ettore Segreto, Physicist (IFGW), André Augusto Physical Engineer (Equatorial Sistemas Ltda.), Gustavo Carrara – Mechanical Engineer – (IFGW) and Cesar Aguiar, Vaccum Technitian (IFGW).

Working Group (WG) # 4: Responsible for testing materials, pumps and piping for gas/liquid Ar circulation and storage in order to guarantee the proper operation of the reduced-size test systems.  Production and construction of purity monitors to be used on small scale prototypes; Contribution to slow control development.  WG IV is composed by Dra. MSc. Heriques Frandini, Physicist (UFABC/IFGW/FRA), Frederico Demolin, Electrical Engineer (IFGW) and MSc. Renan de Aguiar Physicist (IFGW).




PMT – Signal – LAR – Purification – 3h – Pumping through Filter 1 – BASF – Filter 2- Li-FAU



Article about N2/O2 contamination in LAr: