Category: F689-2018

Exercise lecture 2

This lecture will take place on Sept 3rd, just before the second quiz (not after as published before).

Quiz 1

The first quiz about the list of problems of chapter 1 will be applied by Mario in classroom CB12 at 11:30 AM. Today’s lecture (F689A) will be at classroom IF11 as usual and it will end at 11:20AM.

Stand-by support (after class help) of Leonardo

The stand-by support (after class help) of Leonardo will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm to 6pm at the classroom LF33.

Extra Lecture – Fourier transform

This Friday,  10/8, there will be an extra lecture, in English, about Fourier transform, given by the TA Márcio, classroom IF14, 1:00 PM to 2:30PM. In portuguese will be given by the TA Leonardo, at classroom  LF33, at the same time.

Lectures about related problems

The problem set lectures (one for each chapter) will take place on Mondays. Please check the calendar of evaluations. Tests and exams always on Wednesdays.

Calendar of evaluations

I have published  the calendar of evaluations of  F689, second semester of  2018. The evaluations will take place in Wednesday’s.  You will have an excercise lecture one class before each test.