List of the 10 most relevant publications:

  • E. D. Martinez, R. R. Urbano, C. Rettori, “Thermoplasmonic Enhancement of Upconversion in Small-Size Doped NaGd(Y)F4 Nanoparticles coupled to Gold Nanostars”, RSC Nanoscale 2018, in press. DOI: 10.1039/C8NR01639A
  • E. D. Martinez, A. F. Garcia Flores, H. Pastoriza, R. R. Urbano, C. Rettori, Electrothermal Silver Nanowire Thin Films for In-Situ Observation of Thermally-Driven Chemical Processes”, Sensors & Actuators: B: Chemical 259, 475-483, 2018.
  • A. F. García-Flores, J. S. Matias, D. J. Garcia, E. D. Martínez, P. S. Cornaglia, G. G. Lesseux, R. A. Ribeiro, R. R. Urbano, and C. Rettori, “Crystal-field effects in Er3+– and Yb3+-doped hexagonal NaYF4 nanoparticles”, Physical Review B, v. 96, 165430, OCT 2017.
  • P. F. S. Rosa, C. Adriano, T. M. Garitezi, T. Grant, Z. Fisk, R. R. Urbano and P. G. Pagliuso, “Site specific spin dynamics in BaFe2As2: tuning the ground state by orbital differentiation”, Scientific Reports (Nature) Volume: 4, 6543, OCT 2014.
  • H. Sakai, R. R. Urbano, Y. Tokunaga, S. Kambe, M.-T. Suzuki, P. L. Kuhns, A. P. Reyes, P. H. Tobash, F. Ronning, E. D. Bauer, And J. D. Thompson; Emergent Antiferromagnetism out of the “Hidden Order” of URu2Si2: High magnetic field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance up to 40T, Physical Review Letters, v. 112, p. 236401, 2014.
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  • Yang, Yi-feng; Urbano, Ricardo; Curro, Nicholas; Pines, David; Bauer, E. Magnetic Excitations in the Kondo Liquid: Superconductivity and Hidden Magnetic Quantum Critical Fluctuations. Physical Review Letters, v. 103, p. 197004, 2009.
  • R. R. Urbano; B.-L Young; N. J. Curro; L. D. Pham; Z. Fisk. Interacting Antiferromagnetic Droplets in Quantum Critical CeCoIn5. Physical Review Letters, v. 99, p. 146402, 2007.


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