About me

meBacharel in Physics (1997), Master in Physics (2000) and PhD in Sciences at the State University of Campinas (2004). After a short postdoc at the State University of Campinas (2004 -2005), I went out to Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL - Los Alamos-NM, USA) as a Postdoctoral Research Associate to work with Nuclear Magnetic and Quadrupolar Resonances at very low temperatures (mK), high magnetic fields (12 T) and hydrostatic pressures (3 GPa) mostly on strongly correlated electron systems (2005 - 2008). After that period, I became the Jack E. Crow Fellow Postdoc at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee-FL, USA (2008 - 2011) focused on NMR at ultra high magnetic fields (up to 45 T) and low-T (mK). After 3 years as the Jack Crow Fellow at the NHMFL I was converted to Scientist/Researcher (Jul - Nov 2011) when I finally got a position as Professor MS-3 at the State University of Campinas in my home town.

Research Interests

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, in particular, physics of Highly Correlated Electron Systems focused on phenomena associated with magnetism, unconventional superconductivity, heavy fermion physics and, Iron-based Superconductors. Other topics include: Intermetallics, Transition Metals oxides, Rare-earth magnetic materials and Diluted magnetic semiconductors, and the behavior of matter under extreme conditions such as very high magnetic fields (up to 45 T), ultra low temperatures (millikelvin) and high hydrostatic pressures (up to 30 kbar).

Skills and Techniques

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR) at high magnetic fields (up to 45 T), low temperatures (mK) and high pressures (up to 30 kbar). Electron Spin Resonance (ESR), Thermal, Transport and Magnetic Properties Measurements (Electrical Resistivity, Specific Heat, Hall effect, Magnetization, AC/DC susceptibility) with experience specially in the commercial apparatus of Quantum Design MPMS and PPMS. Expertise in 3He and Dilution (3He/4He) Refrigerator systems.

For more information, http://lattes.cnpq.br/1379541222918147

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