The Event

Welcome to 1-D NANO APP 2020 workshop

The 2020 One Dimensional Nanostructures and their Applications workshop includes all aspects of fundamentals and applications with sessions reviewing the latest advances in the fabrication of 1-D nanostructures, for emerging applications in various fields such as

  • Magnetism
  • Optics
  • Biomedicine/biophysics and 
  • Electrical properties

We take this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to bring the broader audience under a single umbrella via the Virtual 1-D Nano App 2020 workshop that will help us to share knowledge and stay healthy without travelling. The invited speakers of the workshop are from prestigious institutes and research centres from abroad and Brazil who pioneered in the field of 1 dimensional nanostructure fabrication and investigations. We assure that you will gain new information during the course of the workshop.

Our team is working exceptionally hard to make this event serve the needs of our participants, in the best possible way. We welcome the undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, professors, and scientists from any organization through a simple registration process. The registration is completely free and the participants who attend all the sessions will receive a digital certificate of participation.