This is the Website of the Laboratory of Applied Crystallography and X-Rays witch belongs to the Condensed Matter Physics Department of the Institute of Physics Gleb Wataghin of the University of Campinas (Brazil).

We performs research with X-rays in various areas of science as condensed matter physics, biophysics and X-ray imaging. The main experimental techniques are: X-ray diffraction in single crystal and powders, small-angle scattering and X-ray phase contrast imaging.

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University’s Freshmen visit the Lab

The Freshmen ‘Welcome Program’ of the Institute of Physics “Gleb Wataghin” (IFGW-Unicamp) occurred last week and several new students from the physics course had the opportunity to visit our laboratory. Students also had the opportunity to talk to other students that work at the lab, ask questions and see experiments running. This visit is intended to show the new students what …

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New Website

The LCARX has a new website!! We are still working on the last details on our website, but you already can navigate and get to know all the news from the Crystallography Laboratory from Unicamp. Feel free to contribute with your opinions and suggestions, we will be glad to get them.

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