Conference Topics

  • Design, preparation, and characterization of thin and multifunctional, hard multi-component, high-entropy, and multi-layer coatings;
  • Optimization of coating for several applications, including (but not limited to) tribological, high-speed machining, and cutting tools.
  • High-speed machining of coated tools;
  • 2D materials (graphene, MXenes, and so on) and their application;
  • Data mining, machine learning, and AI applied to advanced materials;
  • Multifunctional thin films and coatings to advanced sensors and other applications (e.g., virucidal and bactericidal materials)


Plenary Speakers (confirmed list)

  • Prof. Dr. Vladimir J. Trava-Airoldi, National Institute for Space Research, Brazil 
  • Prof. Dr. Qimin Wang, Guangdong University of Technology, China 
  • Prof. Dr. Paul H. Mayrhofer from Technische Universität Wien, Vienna 
  • Prof. Dr. Fernando Lázaro Freire Júnior, PUC-RIO, Brazil 
  • Prof. Dr. Abdou Djouadi, University of Nantes, France  


Keynote Speakers (confirmed list)

  • Prof. Dr. Carlos Alejandro Figueroa, University of Caxias do Sul, Brazil 
  • Prof. Dr. Marcelo Eduardo Huguenin Maia da Costa, PUC-Rio, Brazil
  • Prof. Dr. Jyh-Wei Lee from Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT), Taiwan 
  • Prof. Dr. Sara Aldabe Bilmes, INQUIMAE-University of Buenos Aires, Argentina 
  • Dr. Harry Westfahl Jr., LNLS – Brazilian Synchrotron Light Source – Sirius, Brazil 
  • Prof. Dr. Luiz Fernando Zagonel, IFGW- UNICAMP, Brazil 
  • Prof Dr. Tiberiu Mimea,Université Paris-Saclay,  France
  • Prof. Dr. Haroldo Cavalcanti Pinto, CEPAME-USP, Brazil 
  • Prof. Dr. Zaoli Zhang, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria 
  • Prof. Dr. Ana Sofia d’Oliveira,UFPR, Brazil