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Oportunidade 1 – Crescimento de materiais 2D

Veja mais em Projetos (2D materials) !


Oportunidade 2 –  Sistemas auto-montados moleculares


Manipulação de estados quânticos moleculares (escrevendo) com a ponta do STM !!!

Veja mais em Projetos (Porphyrin_Project) !

Students at all levels are invited to visit and join our group.  We have chances to apply for fundings from CNPq and FAPESP. 

From time to time, funds for postdoctoral or visiting scientists become also available to work on several surface science related topics. The experimental research developed in our group involves Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Diffraction (XPS/XPD), and Synchrotron-based techniques.  

Applications are encouraged at any time and the most important thing is: contact us! It would be nice to include in the contact a CV, list of publications/presentations if any, and subjects of interest.