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Year Project Title Agency/Grant number#
2019-2021 Studies of Fe3-xCoxO4 composite magnetic nanoparticles: Fundamentals of magnetism and applications MCTIC/CNPq Nº 28/2018 – Universal/Faixa B, # 425501/2018-3
2017-2020 Studies of complex magnetic nanoparticles and nanoparticle arrays for magnetic devices CNPq Nº 12/2017 – PD, 700.899.371-47, # 303236/2017-5


Concluded Projects:

Interface effects on complex magnetic nanoparticles of dumbbell, flower and dimers shape like. 

In collaboration with: Oscar Moscoso Londoño (IFGW/Unicamp/Brasil), Latif U. Khan (LNNano/CNPEM/Brasil), Surender Kumar Sharma (UFMA/Brasil), Luelc Souza (LNNano/CNPEM)

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Dipolar interaction effects on diluted and concentrated systems with superparamagnetic nanoparticles for magneto hyperthermia applications

In collaboration with: Pedro Mendoza Zélis (IFLP/UNLP/Argentina), Oscar Moscoso Londoño (IFGW/Unicamp/Brasil),  Marcela B. Fernández van Raap (IFLP/UNLP/Argentina).

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Magnetic properties of polymeric films with shape memory for medical application. 

In collaboration with:  M. A. Mosiewicki and C. Meiorin (INTEMA/UNMdP/Argentina)





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