The Group

Our history

This thematic project has a history of over 20 years. Involves the following Unicamp IFGW groups; GPOMS (Group of Optical and Magnetic Properties of Solids), LMBT (Laboratory of Materials and Low Temperatures) and LMD. Since then its scientific output, until August 2017, has been 1100 articles published in scientific journals (including 1 Science, 3 Nature Physics, 2 Nature Communications, 4 Nature Scientific Reports, 42 PRL and 233 PRB), ~ 21000 citations and an index. -h of 62. Graduated 88 Graduate students, and supervised 74 postdocs. It has built over the years research infrastructure comparable to the best laboratories in the world.

The previous projects had as themes:

1. High critical temperature superconductors, (Jan 1992 – May  31st  1996) – Coordinator: Prof. Sergio Moehlecke

2. Study of superconductor materialsondutores,  (June 1st de 1996 – July 31st de 2000) – Coordinator: Prof. Jose Antonio Sanjurjo

3. Study of strongly correlated electronic and magnetic systems (November 1st 2001 – February 28th 2007) – Coordinators: Prof. Oscar F. de Lima (Nov/2001 – Aug/2005) and Prof. Marcelo Knobel (Set/2005 –  Feb/2007)

4. Study of strongly correlated systems in extreme conditions (November 1st  2007 – December 31st 2012) – Coordinator: Prof. Carlos Retori

5. Studies of novel complex and advanced materials, (January 1st 2013  –  December 31st 2017) – Coordinator Prof. Pascoal Pagliuso.