The Laboratory of Instrumentation for Physics Teaching (LIEF) created by Professor Mauro de Carvalho is linked to the IFGW Extension and is under the coordination of Prof Dr Guilherme Stecca Marcom. This laboratory, founded a little before 2010, is an open space for teaching high school teachers and publicising physics to people interested in learning more about the subject. The lab displays various interactive high school physics experiments that cover fundamental physics concepts as far as possible. In addition, some of the experiments allow students to carry out measurements, thus deepening their understanding of the scientific method. The LIEF also has a space for presentations to visitors, in a room equipped for ordinary classes or the use of multimedia.

Today there are around 30 experiments on display, mostly developed by IFGW students and alumni, covering mechanics, optics, thermodynamics and electrical and magnetic phenomena. Each year, during the presentation of work by students on the IFGW Teaching Instrumentation course, the laboratory coordinator, in agreement with the subject coordinator, chooses some experiments to be exhibited at the LIEF. The aim is to increase the number of experiments on display in order to make the space more comprehensive and interesting.


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