The aim of the fourth edition of the QCD-TNT workshop is to bring together a selected group of QCD experts to discuss various recent developments and to set further goals and objectives for understanding the nonperturbative dynamics of Yang-Mills theories. Topics covered in the previous QCD-TNT workshops included connement, gluon mass generation, lattice simulations in different gauges, QCD at nite temperature and density, and more phenomenologically oriented topics such as hadronic form factors at JLab, parton distribution amplitudes (PDAs), and experimental reviews about heavy ion
and charm physics at GSI, RHIC and LHC.

Within this framework, you are invited to talk on a subject of your choice, not restricted to the examples given above. The general idea is to have plenty of time for discussions and personal interaction, so we are considering a format more like 40 minutes for a talk plus 5 minutes for discussion. The final format will depend on the total number of participants and on various boundary conditions (excursions, etc). In addition, we plan to publish the workshop proceedings.

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