Graphene Plasmonics

Graphene Plasmonics: A Platform for Strong Light–Matter Interactions

Graphene plasmons provide a suitable alternative to noble-metal plasmonsbecause they exhibit much tighter confinement and relatively long propagation distances, with the advantage of being highly tunable via electrostatic gating. Here, we propose to use graphene plasmons as a platform for strongly enhanced light–matter interactions. Specifically, we predict unprecedented high decay rates of quantum emitters in the proximity of a carbon sheet, observable vacuum Rabi splittings, and extinction cross sections exceeding the geometrical area in graphene nanoribbons and nanodisks. Our theoretical results provide the basis for the emerging and potentially far-reaching field of graphene plasmonics, offering an ideal platform for cavity quantum electrodynamics, and supporting the possibility of single-molecule, single-plasmon devices.


graphene; plasmons; strong light-matter interaction; quantum optics; vacuum Rabi splitting

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