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2- Production and Characterization of hybrid 2D materials: Dichalcogenides and graphene  

Recently, two-dimensional (2D) materials as graphene, hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) and transition metal dichalcogenides have received enormous attention due to their fascinating properties and great potential for technological applications. An interesting possibility is the design of heterostructures from the stacking of different monolayers of 2D materials, with these new materials presenting distinct properties. In this project, we propose to growth monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides, in particular, MoSe2 and HfSe2, on graphene and h-BN supported on Ni(111) surface. The aim is to obtain the parameters that allow the controlled growth (layer-by-layer) of high-quality ultrathin films, which will have their atomic and electronic structure characterized in situ by multiple experimental techniques. It will also be investigated the influence of the distinct substrates (graphene and h-BN) in the electronic/structural properties of the TMDs ultrathin films. The achievement of 2D materials heterostructures with a controlled number and orientation of the monolayers represents nowadays an important technological challenge that is essential for future applications of these materials in nano/optoelectronic devices.

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Campinas Team  External Collaborators
Prof. Abner de Siervo (Coordenator)

Prof. Richard Landers

Gabriela Moura do Amaral (PhD student)

Isabela da Costa Tonon (Master student)

Wellignton Dias Pereira (IC student)

Hannah de Oliveira Plath (IC student)

Theo Massao Taniguchi (IC student)

Diego Molina Sanches Silva (IC student)

Raphael Augusto De Souza (IC student)

Iago Aédon Silva Prior (IC student)

Prof. Luis Henrique de Lima (UFABC). 

Dr. Wendell Silva (CNPEM/LNLS). 

Financial support: 

FAPESP:  2016/21402-8  and  2017/18574-4

CNPq: UNIVERSAL CNPq- Faixa B #455807/2014-0

CNPq: UNIVERSAL CNPq- Faixa B #424633/2018-3

CNPq: Bolsas CNPq-EQUINOR – #440097/2019-3

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