LPCM Members

The  LPCM is diverse group of professors, researchers, students, and technicians forming a team with the common goal to provide a creative, productive and pleasant research environment. We are open for internal and external collaborations. Each professor heads his unique research lines, but supports the activities of the group.

Function Name CV lattes
Professor Jean Rinkel (afastado) 0369492368705268
Professor Christoph Deneke 4679068868095356
Technician/Researcher Rogério Marcon  
Mestrado  Gabriel Gomes  
Iniciação Científica Pedro Sader Azeved  

Former members

  • Francisco Mateus Cirilo da Silva
  • Yuri Rossi Tonin
  • Pedro De Asevedo Piquet Carneiro
  • Emanuel Rodrigues Guimaraes
  • Ariel Monteiro Soares