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Education: Elementary level

We offer programs aimed at students of elementary and high school for the insertion of concepts of optics and photonics in the daily life of students through:

  • Experimental kits for optics, photonics, optoelectronics, electronics and communication:training for teacher/instructors manipulation  (public schools of Campinas Region).
  • Experimental low cost kits for student manipulation
  • School visits to laboratories: schedule of visits to Fotonicom (partnership withCampinas Department of Education)

Education: College / University

We offer to students from universities, professional technical courses, and professionals working in telecommunications:

  •  Downloadable books and multimedia lessons
  •  Challenges and contests

Specific undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

  •  Extension classes
  •  Tutorials and Workshops
  •  Remote access to experiments mounted via KyaTera network (weblabs)