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Institutions and Partners

Here you find information about the research infrastructure of all Fotonicom’s Institutions and Partners

  • Headquarters: Unicamp – Universidade Estadual de Campinas
  • Associated Institutions:
    • ITA e IEAv – Instituto Tecnológico da Aeronáutica e Instituto de Estudos Avançados
    • UFTPR – Universidade Federal Tecnológica do Paraná
    • UFC – Universidade Federal do Ceará
    • UFPA – Universidade Federal do Pará
    • UFBA – Universidade Federal da Bahia
    • UFPE – Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
    • UnB – Universidade de Brasília
    • CPqD
    • BrPhotonics



Unicamp  – Campinas State University KyaTera Optical Testbed Platform This is a optical testbed platform interconecting almost all R&D optical communication laboratories within the State of São Paulo. The tests of the devices developed by Fotonicom, as well the products deployed by ourt industrial partners, will be performed in KyaTera testbed. This stable network is …


ITA e IEAv  – Instituto Tecnológico da Aeronáutica e Instituto de Estudos Avançados (fotos da infra) The integrated photonics infrastructure at ITA and IEAv includes adjustable lasers, high-speed detectors and modulators, optical and electrical spectrum analyzers (30 GHz). It also has a clean room of 35 m2 , classes 10,000 and 100,000, equipped with tools …


UFTPR – Federal Technological University of Paraná  UTFPR has a well-equipped facility for optical recording devices using laser beams, including chirped fiber Bragg gratings, which will also be used to record and adjust embedded nanophotonic devices. The recording facility has two pulsed excimer lasers (KrF and IRA), a pulsed laser in fs with optical parametric …


UFC – Universidade Federal do Ceará, UFPA – Universidade Federal do Pará, UFBA  – Universidade Federal da Bahia, UFPE – Universidade Federal de Pernambuco e UnB – Universidade de Brasília (fotos das infras) The infrastructure of these institutions is mainly based on computer equipment and simulation tools.


CPqD – Laboratório de Transmissão óptica Alta Velocidade (foto da infra) The laboratory has the capacity to perform optical transmission of high-order modulation formats (DP-QPSK, N-QAM, Co-OFDM) with rates of 100GB / s, 400GB / s, up to 1 Tb / s per channel. This performance is achieved through the use of high-speed integrated modulators, …


BrPhotonics In partnership with CPqD, BrPhotonics is set up 200 m2 of clean room to manufacture electro-optical modulators in silicon and polymer-based. These modulators must comprise transmitters and receivers of 100 and 400 Gb / s.