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Eliane Valente, Education and Dissemination Manager, got her Physics BSc in 1988. Since then she had worked in several Telecom companies. In 2002 she joined Unicamp  and in 2004 she concluded her specialization course in Scientific Journalism at Labjor – Unicamp. Ms. Valente takes care of the logistics of all our educational and dissemination activities, she also writes press releases distribuiting them to the press and help on workshops/seminars organization.  Simone Silva Telles, Executive Manager, graduated in Linguistics at Unicamp (1976) and in Portuguese and English at PUC Campinas (1978). She manages resources in domestic and foreign currency of projects and contracts of the research groups and individual researchers, from state and national funding agencies as well as national and multinational companies. Negotiates proforma / invoices according to annual budget, presents the justification for the acquisition of major equipment, and monitors the import process until receiving the goods. She accepts the Terms of Lending of Property acquired through the budget, and is responsible for the location of the good responding to University. Prepares the rendering of accounts, organizes trips (tickets, hotels, conferences registration etc.) and events such as national and international workshops, semminars, and conferences.


Maicon Saul Faria got his barchellor and MSc in Physics and  at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (2004, 2006), and his PhD in Physics at  Universidade de São Paulo (2010). Is expertise in Statical Physics and Thermodynamics, with emphasys in: Stcochastic processes, critical phenomena ane aperiodic systems.  Nowadays Maicon runs researches and also works supporting the researchers at Optical Communications lab, IFGW/Unicamp.

 Paulo Felipe Jarschel de Siqueira got his Barchelor and MSC in Physics at Unicamp (2007-2009), Nowadays Paulo runs researches works supporting the researchers at Optical Communications lab, IFGW/Unicamp. He is planning to get his PhD in Physics at Unicamp by the end of 2017. He has expirtise in Physics of semiconductors materials and optical devices, optical fibers for telecomm, and nanophotonics. 
 Vagner Cardoso is a Network Analyst and got his barchelor at Anhaguera College. Has always worked in the IT area with jobs at HP and Agilent Techologies. Has joint Unicamp in 2005, during the deployment of the KyaTera Testbed Platform. Nowadays he works as support staff on IT area and also helps the students (MSc, PhD and undergrad) at the Optical Communications Lab, IFGW/Unicamp. His job includes purchasing equipments and supplies.