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Conference right before 1st semester 2019

I will be at the EuroMBE 2019 in February taking the chance to see, what’s going on in the European (and International) community. The conference will be in the week before the 1st semester starts from February, 17th to 20th, 2019.  I will also present our work over membrane overgrowth in a poster session on …

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Workshop on Epitaxy – LNNano

We had a very nice workshop at the LNNano at the 27. to 28. June bringing together the Brazilian community. Beside fruitful discussion and nice science, we had also the chance to socialize and  re-enforce the community. Hope, this event will continue the next years as we are missing such a gathering in the last …

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Getting ready for the EOSBF

I finished today the preparation of the tutorial for the Autumn Meeting of the Brazilian Physical Society . I looking forward to give talk about molecular beam epitaxy: “MOLECULAR BEAM EPITAXY – A VERSATILE METHOD FOR THE NANO-AGE “. In this tutorial, I would like to give an overview of MBE covering its importance for …

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End of 2017

The year 2017 and the 2nd semester 2017 are about to end. It was fun teaching F329 and I am looking forward to do it again in the 1st semester of 2018. I’ll promise to try to in cooperate the feedback and improve the course – well the provas will have to stay, but I …

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Conference week

BWSP is coming up – beside the MBE tutorial by myself, the are two talks related to our work: Ingrid will talk about our work on rolled-up tubes and Evandro will show our results on charging on unstrained mesoscopic GaAs structures. See you there.

II LNNano AFM Workshop

WE will have our II LNNano AFM Workshop from the 05. to the 07. July at the LNNano. We had a tremendous feedback to the event. I am looking forward to do the theoretical course and will administrate one of the practical parts of the Workshop. The LCS group does a hard work making this …

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Speaking at the 18th BWSP

I will have the pleasure to give a tutorial at the 18th Brazilian Workshop on Semiconductor Physics (BWSP-2017) (Aug. 14-18 – 2017 – Maresias, São Paulo, Brazil) talking about MBE growth and heterostructures. The BWSP has a long tradition and always been a nice place to exchange ideas and meet people. Hope to see you …

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