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Why the State of São Paulo is good in science and why it is important

The is a very nice article in Nature  discussing, why the state of SP is so good in science. Indeed, the state alone is responsible for more than 50% of Brazilian science production and  the leading place in South America. That this is of great importance for the country and the society is shown on …

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Workshop em cresimento epitaxial (LNNano)

There will be a workshop on epitaxy at the LNNano at the end of June. I will have the pleasure to give a talk and advertise the facility a bit. I will explain, what we do in research, but also what kind of structures can be realized inside a service/collaboration.   Hope to see you …

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Back from the US

Back from the International Conference on Low-Dimensional Quantum Materials where I gave a talk about ” 2D nanomembranes as substrates for the growth of semiconductor nanostructures“. It was a very inspiring conference with excellent talks – I very much enjoyed the conversations with the other participates.  On the way back, I had a chance to …

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Molecular beam epitaxy

For those interested in the technique of Molecular Beam Epitaxy, I will give a tutorial on the topic in Foz at the meeting of the Brazilian Physical Society. It will be great to give an overview to the possibilities and discuss current and future developments. I also like to advertise again the possibility to do …

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New at the IFGW

In May 2017 I entered into the Applied Physics Department (DFA) of the Physics Institute (IFGW) of Unicamp.