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New article in Phys. Rev. Materials

Direct observation of large-area strain propagation on free-standing nanomembranes Investigations on epitaxial nanostructures with size of tens of nanometers have been a challenging issue for techniques that present high strain sensitivity but restricted spatial resolution. This is the case of recently developed x-ray nanoprobe techniques. Despite its inherent nondestructive character, submicron x-ray spots have only …

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New publication in “Journal of Physical Chemistry C” by group member

Strain Tuning in Graded SiGe on Insulator: Interplay between Local Concentration and Nonmonotonic Lattice Evolution after Ge Condensation Germanium condensation has proven to be a reliable route for obtaining smoothly graded composition SiGe layers with good reproducibility and reduced defect density. The process is known as a crucial tool to induce well-defined strain on Si …

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Master student for CNPq position

With the granting of the CNPq project (408219/2022-0) from call “Chamada CNPq/SEMPI/MCTI Nº 57/2022 – MESTRADO OU DOUTORADO EM COMPUTAÇÃO QUÂNTICA, FOTÔNICA INTEGRADA E INTELIGÊNCIA ARTIFICIAL”, Prof. Christoph Deneke has an open position for a master student to work in the area of photonics. The position is available from now on to start in the …

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Renovation of lab space

With the money from the FAEPEX project 2102/21, we could carry out some long needed renovation of the lab space. In January 2022, we renewed the chemical working places, created a common working space as well as improved the overall installations of the lab. We will also clean out some old instruments to do a …

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Artigo em destaque

Sorry, this entry is only available in Português do Brasil. Artigo de membros do grupo foi escolhido pelo SPBMat como artigo em destaque. Veja aqui o texto em português.

New article by group member

Strain-based band structure engineering is a powerful tool to tune the optical and electronic properties of semiconductor nanostructures. We show that we can tune the band structure of InGaAs semiconductor quantum wells and modify the helicity of the emitted light by integrating them into rolled-up heterostructures and changing their geometrical configuration. Experimental results from photoluminescence …

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Presentation of PIBIC project – Pedro Carneiro

For the annual PIBIC congress, Pedro made a video poster of his work: “Desenvolvimento de um experimento de quantificação da concentração de elementos por fluorescência de raios X e aplicação para o estudo de modelos de epilepsia em roedores”.

Presentation of PIBIC project – Gabriel Gomes

For the annual PIBIC congress, Gabriel made a video poster of his work “Fabricação e caracterização de membranas baseadas em nanoestruturas semicondutoras”.

New article by group member: Band structure engineering in strain-free GaAs mesoscopic structures

We investigate the optical properties of strain-free mesoscopic GaAs/Al(x)Ga(1-x)As structures (MGS) coupled to thin GaAs/A(x)Ga(1-x)As quantum wells (QWs) with varying Al content (x). We demonstrate that quenching the QW emission by controlling the band crossover between AlGaAs X-point and GaAs Gamma-point gives rise to long carrier lifetimes and enhanced optical emission from the MGS. For …

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