At the moment, I am lecturing the curse F 329 – Experimental Physics III. Information about this course can be seen in the web page of the Laboratório de Ensino de Física. Students enrolled in this course have access to the full content of the course in the Moodle platform using they academic login.

Extra class service

The extra class service is a communication channel intended primarily to regular students of the courses I’m teaching. The service is done in my office at any time without appointment. So, feel free to look for me. My room is on the Institute of Physics, Department of Applied Physics, in the A5 building (see photo …

F 329 (Current)

  Course offered in both semesters with 2 weekly hours of lab activities with evaluation by note and presence (presence in at least 75% of classes) and providing final examination if necessary. Summary: Laboratory experiments on: Coulomb’s law and electric field, Gauss’ law, electric potential, capacitors and dielectric, current, resistance and electromotive force, circuits and …

F 540

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