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Extra class service

The extra class service is a communication channel intended primarily to regular students of the courses I’m teaching. The service is done in my office at any time without appointment. So, feel free to look for me.

My room is on the Institute of Physics, Department of Applied Physics, in the A5 building (see photo of the building below), upstairs (access from outside the building). The room is number 63 (left side of the building). Access to the building is possible using the student card (one card reader is presents beside the door). Opening the door by the student card works until 17 pm. After this time, you must use the phone which is next door and call my extension. The number of my extension is attached to the door of the building on a list of telephone numbers.

My bin (Courier box) is in the same building, in the right aisle.

An appointment can be scheduled by email. This may be more efficient to avoid conflicts with seminars, research or other activities that make me me away from my room temporarily during the day. My email addresses are below:




The figures below show the location of the DFA and some nearby buildings and the facade of the DFA with its staircase connecting the two floors the outside of the building.




The pictures below show the building entrance and corridors up to my office door.