André’s preprint on Non-hermitian Optomechanics is online on arXiv!

Quasinormal-mode perturbation theory for dissipative and dispersive optomechanics

André G. Primo, Natália C. Carvalho, Cauê M. Kersul, Newton C. Frateschi, Gustavo S. Wiederhecker, Thiago P. Mayer Alegre

Despite the several novel features arising from the dissipative optomechanical coupling, such effect remains vastly unexplored due to the lack of a simple formalism that captures non-Hermiticity in optomechanical systems. In this Letter, we show that quasinormal-mode-based perturbation theory is capable of correctly predicting both dispersive and dissipative optomechanical couplings. We validate our model through simulations and also by comparison with experimental results reported in the literature. Finally, we apply this formalism to plasmonic systems, used for molecular optomechanics, where strong dissipative coupling signatures in the amplification of vibrational modes are observed.