Our research is focused on the interaction between light and matter at the micro and nano-scale. We build nanoscale optical devices such as lasers, cavities and waveguides using optical and electron beam lithography techniques – the same process used in advanced microelectronics devices. Combining these advanced fabrication techniques with materials displaying high refractive index, such as silicon, silicon nitride, III-V compounds, and glass, we are able to confine light in very small structures  (sub-micron). In such tight confining structure, a plethora of new and enhanced effects may be explored within a scientific viewpoint, e.g., quantum mechanics of mesoscopic objects (Quantum optomechanics), nonlinear dynamics, and low threshold nonlinear optics (non-linear optics); or within a technological viewpoint, e.g., mass sensors, optical modulation and filters (Photonic Molecules), and RF oscillators.