We currently have open positions for post-doctorate researchers to work in several topics being investigated at our research group.  There are three FAPESP projects being carried out by members of our laboratory that accumulate to a total of 10 post-doctoral fellowships. These projects seeks to investigate the boundaries of integrated photonics, in which linear and nonlinear phenomena in nanoscale photonic cavities and waveguides will be explored, and develop new photonic materials that may revolutionize the functionalities of integrated photonics devices.

 We are looking for outstanding candidates who are scientifically independent and willing to work collaboratively with students and other researchers. PhDs with a background in physics or engineering are potential candidates.

For more information on each of the fellowships available, see the application forms at

https://forms.gle/XJyeVFpQZbJZy2it7 (Application deadline November 10th, 2019)

https://forms.gle/XH9mNAH3A4UUkn5D9 (Application deadline October 21st, 2019)

Each post-doctoral fellowship will be awarded for a period of 24 months. Requirements and benefits set forth at http://fapesp.br/en/5427 apply. Benefits include: tax-free grant of R$ 7,373.10 per month, allowance to cover travel and installation expenses (for researchers who do not live in the city of Campinas / Brazil) and research contingency funds (R$ 13,271.40 per year) that cover travel expenses and other research expenses.

More information about the fellowship is at: fapesp.br/oportunidades/3206.