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Prof. Padilha received his BSc. in Physics in 2001 and his PhD in 2006 from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas. The main topic of his thesis research was nonlinear optical processes in CdSe and CdTe quantum dots. After his PhD, he worked as post-doctoral researcher at CREOL – University of Central Florida, working on nonlinear optcial materials, and at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, ehre the research was focused on multiexciton interaction in semiconductor nanostructures.

Currently, Prof. Padilha is an Assistant Professor at the Instituto de Física “Gleb Wataghin”, at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Understanding novel physical phenomena in quantum confined structures through advanced spectroscopy techniques, going from the fundamental studies to the device testing, is the main interest of the Ultrafast Spectroscopy Laboratory led by Prof. Padilha, within the Ultrafast Phenomena and Optical Communications Group – GFURCO

The group main tool is based on ultrafast laser systems, with pulses down to 20 fs, which allows the monitoring of most of the recovery processes involved in electron dynamics.


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Perovskites Nanostructures: A Promising Material for Lasing

Perovskite materials have emerged as a promising candidate for application in solar energy harvesting. However, after the successful synthesis of highly emissive nanostructures made from all-inorganic Cesium-Lead-Halide perovskites, this class of materials became of interest to lighting applications.  In a recent paper by Nagamine et.al., published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, we have …

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Undergraduate Students Publish Their Scientific Project on Nonlinear Optical Materials

Investigating nonlinear optical properties in organic dyes contributes to the understanding of the molecular structure and drives the development of novel highly nonlinear optical materials. In this study, which is part of Thiago Cardoso and Leonardo Barros´s undergraduate project, we have shown a way to obtain record high two-photon absorption cross section in visible emitting …

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Gabriel Nagamine Awarded Best Student Presentation at B-MRS 2016

Our Master student Gabriel Nagamine has received the Best Student Presentation Award, presented by the American Chemical Society, for his study of nonlinear spectroscopy in CuInS2 quantum dots, at the Brazilian MRS Meeting, held in Campinas – Brazil in September 2016 . 

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Perovskites Quantum Dots Exhibit Strong Multiexciton Interactions

In our most recent paper, published by ACS Nano, we show that all-inorganic perovskites quantum dots exhibit unprecedentedly high multiexciton Coulomb interactions, resulting in nearly one order of magnitude higher Auger rate and biexciton binding energies as large as 100 meV. For details, click here to check out our paper. 

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