Prof. Lázaro A. Padilha

Prof. Carlos H. de Brito Cruz

Postdoctoral Research Associate                            

Dr. Diogo B. Almeida

PhD in Physics – UNICAMP, 2013

MSc in Physics – UNICAMP, 2008;

BSc in Physics – UNICAMP, 2005;

Projects: Multi-dimensional Coherent Spectroscopy of Nanomaterials.

Graduate Students                            

Juan A. Castañeda

MSc in Physics – UNICAMP, 2011;

BSc in Physics – Universidad Del Valle, UNIVALLE, Colômbia, 2009;

Projects: Ultrafast dynamics in Graphene monolayers and multilayers.

Multi-exciton interactions in Perovskite QDs

Gabriel Nagamine

MSc in Physics – UNICAMP, 2017;

BSc in Physics – UNICAMP, 2015; 

Projects: Ultrafast dynamics and nonlinear spectroscopy in CIS QDs.

Multi-exciton interactions in core/shell heterostructures QDs

Luiz G. Bonato

MSc in Chemistry – UNICAMP, 2016;

BSc in Chemistry – UNICAMP, 2014; 

Projects: Synthesis of novel nanomaterials for applications in solar and lighting


Undergraduate Students                        

Ana G. Barbosa

BSc in Physics at UNICAMP;

Projects: Construction of an OPA with a single amplification pass.

Two-photon absorption is heterostructures

Henrique B. Nunciaroni

BSc in Physics at UNICAMP;

Projects: Techniques for transient absorption studies.

Multi-exciton dynamics in CIS QDs

Jaqueline Rocha

BSc in Physical Eng. at UNICAMP;

Projects: Multi-exciton dynamics and lasing threshold in Perovskite QDs

    Leonardo W. Barros

BSc in Physics at UNICAMP;

Projects: Two-photon spectroscopy in organic and core/shell quantum dots




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