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Integrated Photonics Initiative Website

Our new website about the Integrated Photonics Devices initiative is on air! Check the stories and background of research labs that are part of this Thematic grant from Fapesp at:

Natália’s GaAs bullseye structures pre-print on arXiv!

High-Frequency GaAs Optomechanical Bullseye Resonator N. C. Carvalho, R. Benevides, M. Ménard, G. S. Wiederhecker, N. C. Frateschi, T. P. M. Alegre  

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Brillouin optomechanics tutorial is out!

Brillouin optomechanics in nanophotonic structure APL Photonics 4, 071101 (2019);   This tutorial guides and motivates scientists delving into the core of light-sound interaction. Through tangible examples, we lay out key concepts underneath accurate prediction of Brillouin gain in optomechanical structures. We have also published a data set at Zenodo repository with all the …

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Fourier transform spectrometer on silicon with thermo-optic non-linearity and dispersion correction

Congratulations to Mario! In a recent collaboration between prof. Newton Frateschi and Mario Souza with prof. Yeshaiahu Fainman from UCSD our team has published a new design for a fourier transform spectrometer. Media Highlights: Espectrômetro de infravermelho que cabe em um chip (Portuguese version) Infrared spectrometer on a chip (English version)  Un espectrómetro de infrarrojo …

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Brillouin scattering explained

Check out our recent work on Brillouin scattering in coupled silicon microcavities explained by Fapesp! Dispositivo possibilita explorar espalhamento de luz por vibrações mecânicas  (Portuguese) Device designed to exploit scattering of light by mechanical vibrations (English) Espinel, Y. A. V., Santos, F. G. S., Luiz, G. O., Alegre, T. P. Mayer, Wiederhecker, G. S., Brillouin Optomechanics in …

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