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Mario got a job in a Bay area (San Francisco) startup that is running on Stealth mode, congrats!

Check out media highlight from Mario’s Nature Communications paper!

Rodrigo’s Scientific Reports is out!

Abstract: Photonic crystals use periodic structures to create frequency regions where the optical wave propagation is forbidden, which allows the creation and integration of complex optical functionalities in small footprint devices. Such strategy has also been successfully applied to confine mechanical waves and to explore their interaction with light in the so-called optomechanical cavities. Because of …

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Yovanny’s Scientific Reports paper is out!

Our theory paper on Brillouin scattering in silicon microdisks is out, congratulations Yovanny! Heading for graduation!

Modeling quasi-dark states with temporal coupled-mode theory

Check out the full paper at:

Brillouin Optomechanics in Silicon Microcavities

Check out the full paper at: