Self-calibrated molecular thermometer

Heat generation on larger circuit boards is well-understood; however, at the nanoscale, the relationship
between heat and electricity remains unanswered due to lack of appropriate thermometers capable of thermal monitoring without perturbing the system. Unfortunately, temperature measurement at the submicrometer spatial range is not possible with conventional contact thermometers. A way to overcome this impasse is building microdevices with materials capable of also acting as in situ thermometers having submicrometric spatial resolution.

In collaboration with Prof. Fernando Sigoli from Unicamp and Muralee  Murugesu from the University Ottawa, we studied the optical properties of self-calibrated molecular thermometers based on single magnet molecules.  We demonstrate the feasibility of stable micrometer-scale thermometers operating in the range of 5 to 398 K.  Stability is achieved up to 7 T applied magnetic fields.

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