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Diego Scolfaro da Silva – Acoustic transport in two dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides

Marcos L. F. Gomes – Acoustic modulation in III-V semiconductor nanostructures


Diego Salam Claro – Computational analysis of dispersive acoustic waves in fluid filled boreholes


Matheus Finamor – Micro-photoluminescence surface mapping under surface acoustic wave modulation

Luca Trinchão – Design and fabrication of unidirectional transducers for SAW generation.


Former group members

Augusto Cesar Camargo (Undergrad) – Growth and characterization of c-oriented piezoelectric ZnO films.

João Vitor M. Fernandez (Undergrad) – Design of interdigitated transducers for the generation of surface acoustic waves.

Vanessa Orsi Gordo (Postdoc) – Charge and spin dynamics in transition metal dichalcogenides

Allan Cassio T. Covacevice (Master) – Modulation of planar optical microcavities by surface acoustic waves

Rodrigo Tambelini (Undergrad) – Piezoelectric ZnO films for acoustic devices

Vladimir Roger Miranda La Hera (Master) – Optical Properties of Wurtzite Phase InAsP/InP Heterostructure Nanowires