Unpolarized light sources from rolled-up quantum wells (Destaque da SBPMat)

Our work, in collaboration with Prof. Christoph Deneke (IFGW),  Ângelo Malachias (UFMG), and Leonarde Nascimento (UFV), is one latest highlights of the Brazilian Materials Research Society (SBPMat).  To see the press release click HERE.

We demonstrate how the strain state of a rolled-up InGaAs/GaAs quantum well can be employed to induce strong valence band mixing and produce rolled-up tubes which emit unpolarized light. We show that the rolling-up process induces a strong modification in the optical selection rules of the system which, even under quasi-resonant excitation with the upper valence band states, does not allow us to excite a measurable spin polarization in the  conduction band of the system.

The conclusions are reached after a careful collaborative research which involved optical spectroscopy (circularly polarized PL and PLE), X-Ray measurements, and simulations. The article was published in ACS Applied Nano Materials. To read it, click HERE.