Category: F689-2018

Final grades and frequency

Final grades and frequency have been published. If you want to see your exam or have any doubt about the grades, send me an e-mail ( I will send the results to DAC Monday evening. 

Final results before exam

I have just published all grades (including corrections). Only those that have corrected all quizzes and the three examinations had the smallest quiz grade disregarded.  If you have any question, please, send me an e-mail.

Final deadline for corrections

Friday is the final deadline for all corrections. Please handle them to Mario up to 4PM (no exceptions). 

P2 corrections and quizzes 6 and 7

Grades for P2 corrections and grades for L6 and L7 were published.

P3 grades

P3 grades have been published. I will include all corrections by Wednesday. Attention to your situation according to status. It may change after T6 and T7 and corrections are included. P1 correction was included.

Deadline for all corrections and doubts solutions time hours

The deadline for all corrections is expanded to next Wednesday 10AM. If you missed any of them (quizzes and examinations), this is your chance.  Leonardo will be Available to answer your questions at room LF33, Monday and Wednesday , from 4 to 6PM.

Support from Mario and P3 Correction

Our teaching assistant, Mario, will be available next Monday from 10 to 12AM for discussing doubts about the whole content of F689 (for those preparing themselves for the final examination). The results of P3 will be available by Wednesday.  In this date, please, go to IF11, at 10AM,  if you are planning to make the …

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Exercise lecture and quiz 7

Exercise lecture and quiz 7 will take place at IF11, this coming Monday, Nov. 26th, at 10AM.

New dates for T6 and T7

T6 and T6 have new dates. See calendar.

New dates for P1 corrections and exercise lecture

You can withdraw the P1 examination either today (Oct. 15th) or Wednesday  (Oct. 17th) during the lectures. You should handle it back to Mario by Oct. 22nd. Note also the new date (Oct. 17th) for exercise lecture of chapter 4.