New paper on GaAs optomechanics just published in Optical Materials Express. Congratulations Rodrigo!

A method to fabricate GaAs microcavities using only a soft mask with an electrolithographic pattern in an inductively coupled plasma etching is presented. A careful characterization of the fabrication process pinpointing the main routes for a smooth device sidewall is discussed. Using the final recipe, optomechanical microdisk resonators are fabricated. The results show very high optical quality factors of Qopt > 2 × 105, among the largest already reported for dry-etching devices. The final devices are also shown to present high mechanical quality factors and an optomechanical vacuum coupling constant of g0 = 2π × 13.6 kHz enabling self-sustainable mechanical oscillations for an optical input power above 1 mW.

André receives SBFOTON award for his excellent talk

Congratulations to PhD candidate André Primo! Got awarded  for his outstanding talk on  bolometric optical forces at  the SBFoton conference 2019! 

Several postdoc positions available at our group!

Please check our post-doc  Opportunities. Application deadline coming up soon in late October and early November!

Brillouin optomechanics tutorial is out!

Brillouin optomechanics in nanophotonic structure

APL Photonics 4, 071101 (2019);
This tutorial guides and motivates scientists delving into the core of light-sound interaction. Through tangible examples, we lay out key concepts underneath accurate prediction of Brillouin gain in optomechanical structures. We have also published a data set at Zenodo repository with all the simulation files and data to generate every and each paper’s figures. 
Data repository for the tutorial paper ‘Brillouin optomechanics in nanophotonic structures,’ 

2019 grants started!

We are happy to announce our recent grant applications were approved by FAPESP! These grants should ensure solid funding for the next several years. Soon we will announce available positions!

  • Non-Classical States of Light on Chips: FAPESP Young Researcher Award  – PI Felippe Barbosa
  • Nonlinear nanophotonics circuits: building blocks for optical frequency synthesis, filtering and signal processing : FAPESP Young Researcher Award  2 – PI Gustavo Wiederhecker;
  • Optomechanical Cavities Towards Single Photon Strong Coupling: FAPESP Young Researcher Award 2 – PI Thiago Alegre;

Group picture – May 2019


From left to right:

Newton F., Antônio V., Natalia C.,  Felippe B., Michäel M., Gustavo W., Pierre A., Marvyn I., André P., Cauê M., Caíque R., Ana Luisa, Pedro P., André M., Gustavo P., Roberto Z., Rodrigo B., Yovanny V., Carol V., David B., Thiago A.

Great research visit from Prof. Michael Menard!

It was great to host Prof. Michäel Menard for the past few months at Unicamp through his sabbatical leave! Can’t believe three months have already gone and its time for him to go back .  The picture shows that we can’t only leave of  science!

Mario got a job in a Bay area (San Francisco) startup that is running on Stealth mode, congrats!

Check out media highlight from Mario’s Nature Communications paper!

Lais poster upgraded to E-poster at CLEO 2018!

Welcome David!

bellecDavid Bellec, an undergraduate student from L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Caen (ENSICAEN) in France, joined us for an internship. He will be working together with Marvyn, Lais, and Louise to improve our group velocity dispersion measurement setup.